Market Rules

The access and the use of the GCE Trading Platform are governed by the Market Rules and its Market Appendixes.

The Market Rules indicate the conditions that must be met to be admitted to the Belpex GCE, the obligations incumbent upon the Participants of the GCE, as well as the general principles in respect of market operations, Order submission, Fixing and dispute settlement.

The Belpex GCE Market Rules are further implemented in a set of Market Appendixes and Communications:

  • the Admission and Access Forms Appendix containing the forms to be filled out by an Applicant in order to become a Participant and to have Access to the Trading Platform;
  • the Market Specifications Appendix containing amongst others per Market the description and specifications of the different Tradable Instruments available for trading on such a Market and any other particularities regarding such a Market (if any);
  • the Fees Appendix containing the Fees due by the Participant to Belpex and the applicable VAT and invoicing rules regarding such Fees;
  • the Functional Appendix containing the practicalities of the functioning of the Belpex GCE and its Trading Platform; and
  • Communications, which are binding announcements made by Belpex to its Participants in the situations as identified in the Market Rules.

To be able to trade on the Belpex GCE, an interested party must enter into a Participation Agreement with Belpex. Both the Market Rules and the Market Appendixes are part of this Participation Agreement.

A copy of the above-mentioned documents can be obtained by clicking on one of the links below.

Participation Agreement