APX Sees Departure of Founding CEO and Appoints New Successor


APX, the Dutch-Belgian-British electricity spot exchange, will see founding CEO Bert den Ouden leave.
After the recent successful split of the former combined entity APX-ENDEX in a gas and derivatives
exchange (now ICE Endex) and a power spot group (APX), Mr. den Ouden has decided, in good
agreement with the APX shareholders, to look for new career opportunities. Mr den Ouden will lay
down his CEO responsibilities on July 31st. He will be followed up in his role by Rene Kerkmeester, who
is currently Commercial Director of BritNed Development Ltd., the electricity link between Great Britain
and The Netherlands.

Bert den Ouden has been with APX from its preparation and launch in May 1999, when he became
CEO. Since then he has been leading the company’s growth through a combination of market
developments and acquisitions: the acquisition of APX UK, UKPX and the UK gas balancing OCM in
2003/2004, the development of Benelux gas spot in 2005, the acquisition of Endex derivatives in 2008
with successive development of liquidity on the TTF gas hub, and the merger with the Belgian power
exchange Belpex in 2010. In this period APX also accomplished, in close partnership with other Power
Exchanges and Transmission System Operators such as Elia and TenneT, the launch of the trilateral
market coupling between the Dutch, Belgian and French market in 2006, the subsequent “CWE”
coupling with the German market in 2010 and the Scandinavian and British market coupling in 2011.
On August 1st APX will welcome Rene Kerkmeester as its new CEO. Mr Kerkmeester combines
extensive management expertise with an in-depth knowledge of the electricity sector. Before his
responsibilities as Commercial Director of BritNed development Ltd, he was Sr. Manager of Customers
and Markets with TenneT, the Dutch Transmission System Operator and one of APX’ shareholders. In
this capacity he played a leading role in the initiation of the North West European market coupling
project that is expected to go live in November of this year. Together with Mr Matthys –Donnadieu in his
continued role as a COO, he will lead the company in the next phase of its development.


The chairman of the supervisory board of APX, Hans ten Berge says: “Mr Den Ouden has played a
leading role not only in the development of APX, but also in the integration of the European electricity
market. Over a long range of years he has set the pace for the development of the market liquidity in
electricity and gas. He has made a major achievement and we wish him all the best in his further

Daniel Dobbeni, member of the supervisory board of APX, says: “The leadership of Mr den Ouden has
been characterised by a very good partnership between TenneT, Elia and APX. This sound cooperation,
also with other exchanges and TSOs, has been key for the initial market coupling project
between Belgium, Netherlands and France, and the follow-up projects. I am sure his successor will take
this forward for the further European integration”.

Mel Kroon, CEO of TenneT to add: “APX plays a vital role in the further development of an integrated
European wholesale market in an era of ever increasing levels of renewable generation and an
increased appetite in active demand side management. We thank Mr Den Ouden and his team
wholeheartedly for his achievement over the last 14 years. We wish Mr Kerkmeester and his team
success with the further development of APX in this challenging environment.”

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