How to become a participant

Participant types

Membership to the EPEX SPOT Belgium Market provides you access to all Market Segments, unless specified otherwise in your application.

EPEX SPOT currently facilitates two different memberships on its short term market.

  • Direct participation: This membership is the standard type of membership, allowing full access to the trading platform and the back office website, clearing arrangements and anonymous trading. Direct participants trade on their own behalf, but they have the choice to offer broker services to indirect participants.
  • Indirect participation: The indirect membership allows a flexible, tailor-made access to the short term electricity market of EPEX SPOT for organisations without a trading floor or experience, via the services of a broker who trades for their account.

Application process

In order to trade on the EPEX SPOT Market, an applicant must:

  • Enter into a Participation Agreement Clearing Settlement Services (CSS) with the central counter party ECC for the purpose of financial clearing and settlement of the contracts concluded on the EPEX SPOT market.
  • Enter into an Access Responsible Party contract (ARP contract) with Elia System Operator or designate a third party as ARP for the purpose of nominating the contracts concluded on the EPEX SPOT Market to Elia System Operator.
  • Enter into an (Indirect) Participation Agreement with EPEX SPOT (and a Broker) for the purpose of trading electricity on the EPEX SPOT Market via the EPEX SPOT trading platform. This (Indirect) Participation Agreement includes both the Market Rules, as well as its implementing Market Procedures.
  • In case of an Indirect Participant, the Indirect Participant should enter into a bilateral agreement with its Broker for all practical arrangements regarding amongst others the submission of orders.


Access Responsible Party Contract (ARP contract)

To get the list of existing ARP’s in Belgium or to get more information on the ARP contract, how to conclude one and a copy of it, please visit the Elia website.

Participation Agreement CSS and (Indirect) Participation Agreement

In order to conclude a Participation Agreement CSS with ECC and an (Indirect) Participation Agreement with EPEX SPOT, an applicant must respectively submit an application file to ECC and an application file to EPEX SPOT containing the documents needed to enable assessment of the applicant’s legal and financial status.

You can find the admission conditions for the conclusion of EPEX SPOT (Indirect) Participation Agreement on the Market Rules & Procedures page. The complete set of documents in respect of the agreement is also available this page.

Admission conditions for the conclusion of an EPEX SPOT Participation Agreement CSS are available on The complete set of documents in respect of the agreement is also available there.

Any questions you may have in relation to:

  • The EPEX SPOT Market in general or any of its Market Segment
  • How to trade on the different Market Segments of the EPEX SPOT Market
  • Both the ECC Participation Agreement CSS or the EPEX SPOT Participation Agreement

can be addressed to us directly.