Belpex Welcomes Yuso as the First Indirect Participant to the Exchange

Amsterdam/Brussels/London, 8 January 2014

Belpex is pleased to announce that Yuso has become the first Indirect Participant on the Belgian Power Exchange.

Belpex’ indirect membership allows a flexible, tailor-made access to its short term electricity market for organisations without a trading floor, via the services of a broker who trades for their account. The orders get settled and cleared through Belpex. The indirect participant benefits from trading anonymously on the platform and the transparent and fair prices Belpex offers to its participants and the market.

Yuso’s goal is to accelerate the market integration of renewable production technologies in Flanders by offering tailored Power Purchasing Agreements (PPAs) to producers of renewable energy.
“This important step will enable Yuso to further optimise its portfolio management to the benefit of our supplier-producers in Flanders”, said Michel Verschuere, Managing Director at Yuso.

Axpo, Yuso’s broker, is a Swiss energy company with an international presence on energy trading markets. “Axpo is entering its fourth year as an energy supplier in the Benelux region. Commitment to bring more flexibility, efficiency and value to the market is a key strategy for us and providing direct market access to small parties is part of that. Therefore we consider this agreement as an important next step in that direction”, said Domenico Franceschino, Managing Director of Axpo France & Benelux SA.

With the help of Yuso and Axpo, the number of participants on the Belgian electricity spot market continues to increase contributing to liquidity as well as robust and transparent references prices.


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